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events. sunday as health issues sandy one to find the diagnosis or prognosis you can find health-related policy. my hope is that people will attend to different points of view. number two, the larger information provides opportunities when you accidentally bumped into relevant information. >> bruce williams at the university of virginia media studies program we went to graduate school together bruce and i have been working on this with the first discussion to write something on this topic 20 years ago when he noticed the changes. >> host: of what are you most excited of news dissemination? >> it is the opportunity for voices outside the media agenda to be able to be heard. the greatest most recent example is what role it plays is the era of spring. no doubt that was generated by years of concern of political freedom, economic concern that the ability for the spread is the direct result of the ability of people of mobile technology to share ideas and thoughts city going journalists had don't access there was information coming that juror attention to issues. that happens all the t
happy during sandy. we are able to do things to raise through covenant house and the cooperation of extorting people that went into raised a lot of money, because it actually doesn't take that much money to give a person or doorway of hope. and the last thing i will say on this is, you know, for me i get very upset because when i first became mayor i had a metaphor that i clung to. i used to tell people such an optimistic hopeful person companies to tell people i'm a prisoner of hope. when we walked into city hall seven years ago there were so many challenges and i would try to gird my team up and say we are prisoners of hope. we do nothing but hope. now seven years later my metaphor seems to have changed because i see powerfully transforming things -- happening from the largest parks expansion in century from a down housing market, to double the production of affordable housing, first time in 60 years the populace is going down, it's going up. hotels in downtown and 40 years. so my metaphor has changed and i tell people i'm no longer a prisoner of hope. i am unhinged because i n
we played music, as sandy is the belief of lee -- unbelievably articulate broad man and almost overcome by the glory of the people. he says i cannot believe that i played with bud. said respect of the men that he played with, he was thrilled it almost paralyzed with the joy. also based that i will come back at you. they will be different and i will learn from you and put one in your pocket. there is unbelievable privilege and devotion to the people who can do it. >> those whose say they view should not pick up the pen. i think anybody who starts to right, you read the great writers and you are influenced. and he tried to go as far to learn and to grow and change i tried all different john rau. biography, a journalism, fiction, i had just written a children's book. maybe that is a weakness that you try different forms. quite honestly i a still flown away by a book that i read a book that already has ever heard of. you tizzy the exalted place but then you also try to find your place with senate side don't a hundred percent understand the argument may be your. >> he uses this mode
that many of these issues ochered. they occur here in a different way after hurricane sandy i paid very close attention to the news. you saw a lot of the same thing this. with in the wake of the storm there would be a wave of panic and society would break down and mob mentality would break down. disaster relief officials were looking for any sign they could find with society breaking down with those voters and usually blowing it out of proportion there were isolated incidents but it was not take deal but it had major ramifications but talk about in the said nora libyans -- citizens of new orleans getting shot because the police assumed they were stealing. it would be nice if there was a period of reflection for disaster relief going forward with the haitian earthquake hit could have been implemented but it is no surprise it did not take place before but it is never too late and a period of reflection now would be a good time. >> three questions. number one, what do you think of the current president? what you think should have happened to those who returned to haiti? what about raw eart
going to get tougher. a national health crisis and the sandy proved all too clear a couple weeks ago, global warming is beginning to affect us dramatically in our not talking about stopping it. obviously the less we have, the better we are all in the more we become an urban society, the more we can do to solve these problems that are at the center of our challenges as a nation. so that is what i wanted to tell you tonight. thank you for your attention i welcome questions. hot hot >> you mentioned anything sport and does rate. what are some of the things we could do better? >> i was waiting for the question. >> you guys are doing such a great job and i'm not an expert on portland. i'm an expert in limited cities that i've worked to. i do have the impression. i say this with great trepidation. i do have a concern for your advocacy for bicycles and construction for bicycles is another form of high engineering and the london streets are redesigned by specialists with a single-minded focus on bicycles that may be undermining the ability. i'll be very specific. when you remove parallel par
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5